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Help Girls Unite Empower the Next Generation

Inspire positive experiences for girls on and off the pitch!

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Why it all started...

I have been an athlete my entire life. Much of my identity has been tied to team sports. I have always loved being active, physical and competitive (understatement), and, of course, being with friends.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot and sports was what always provided me an instant community. Being a shy person, it was my savior. To this day, my dearest friendships and most valuable life lessons have all come out of sports.

Girls Unite provides a unique opportunity for kids to be trained by all women coaches. This distinction about our organization is important because my biggest influence in over 30 years of sports is credited to the only woman coach I ever had -- Coach Christine.

My life was profoundly shaped by Coach Christine my freshman year of high school basketball. She had high expectations that I fought to meet, as I learned to compete with myself more than anyone. She inspired me to want to stand out, to have a solid work ethic, to be intrinsically motivated, to prove I am capable, and to be the strongest player I could be. I learned to be a good teammate and that winning or losing didn’t necessarily have much to do with the final score. I set goals for myself. I practiced more and became a leader -- a team captain. I gained confidence through sports. It was a place where I felt comfortable, where I believed in myself and my abilities.

My personal mission with Girls Unite is to afford our kids a similar experience of positive influence by providing a supportive, challenging, and enjoyable learning environment for girls by women role models. I believe it is vital for young girls to be inspired by strong, intelligent, nurturing, knowledgeable, passionate women at the helm.

With your $25 donation or more, Girls Unite can provide: further education and mentorship for our coaches, solid equipment for our kids, and financial assistance so that all kids have access to play and to build a powerful community of confident girls and young women who will have positive life-long effects on and off the pitch.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and consideration.

We truly appreciate your support!

Lindsay Kauffman
Founding Director & Head Coach
Girls Unite